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Florence Foster Jenkins

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth. (Psalm 100:1NRSV)

I get Florence Foster Jenkins. Although she couldn’t carry a tune, hit a note, and had an uncertain sense of rhythm, she sang with gusto, determination, and – at least in the movie version of her life starring Meryl Streep – from the heart.

As a teenager, I, too, lived in a diva fantasy world. I just didn’t perform it for all the world to see. It stayed in my bedroom in front of my full length mirror. When no one else was home. And the windows were shut tight.

With ‘tude and New York shtick. Tears glisten in my eyes as I take my final bow. The Academy Award speech I always had prepared resonates through-out the theatre. Demurely, of course.

I moved on from movie soundtracks to rock and roll where I’d sing back-up with Rita Coolidge to Joe Cocker’s Feelin Alright. Or freewheeling on Maggie May with Rod Stewart. (Okay, I admit, I still sing my heart out with that one especially on summer days in the car with the windows rolled down. Sigh. Good memories.)

Don’t rain on my parade with facts. Please don’t tell me to wake up because you’ve got something to say to me. I’m fully aware I can’t sing. I realize I rarely get the words right. Even though I taught aerobics, my rhythm isn’t great. Tune? There are so many of them and they get confused and jumbled up. I swear the song coming out of my mouth is not what I hear in my head.

But I love music. And I love to sing. Especially to God. Thankfully, He wrote a Scripture specifically for me and for all singer wannabes! Psalm 100:1 says to “Make a joyful noise to the Lord.” He gets me. Those who hear me might not be feeling too good themselves, but I’m feeling alright singing my heart out to God. To all the Florence Foster Jenkins around the world – sing on, my friends, sing on.